Rumors that the line of luxury brand Maybach will be expanded at the expense of the SUV, go for a long time, but now they have some certainty. Rolls-Royce and Bentley with their luxury models Cullinan and Bentayga will have to make room pretty soon.

Mercedes-Maybach GLS, as it became known to the publication Autocar, will receive a number of iconic external differences-a different design of the front with a new grille, large wheels of exclusive design, a lot of chrome on the body and optics with a unique pattern. And some idea of all this exclusivity can be obtained by looking at last year's concept sedan Maybach Ultimate (in photos).

In addition, it is possible and some increase in the wheelbase – in order to give fastidious dignitaries second row more space. By the way, the seats on the second row is planned to organize only two and with a noticeably higher level of comfort. Under the hood of the SUV implanted or "compact" by the standards of the class 4-liter turbocharged V8, or a monumental 6-liter V12.

In General, the level of interior design and driving comfort luxury GLS should be like a passenger Mercedes-Maybach S-class, but how this will be achieved, is not specified. But we know the approximate price-about 200 thousand dollars, which will make the future off-road "Maybach" the most expensive car of those that will be produced in the United States.

It is North America that Mercedes-Benz considers as one of the strategic markets for the new product, and that is why the Maybach GLS debuts in the United States. According to rumors, the premiere of the novelty can take place in November at the exhibition in Los Angeles or at the January event in Detroit.

In addition to the States in the list of countries where the Maybach GLS will be delivered, as they say," by default", it is expected to be China. But Mercedes-Benz confidently made there and Russia.

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